DEI in Asia periodically makes available online reports of the progress of its work in the U.S. and abroad. The reports currently available concern the work that DEI in Asia is doing in China to improve student services and programming at several of China's top universities. Also available are several of the presentations that have been prepared for universities in China and conferences in the U.S. More reports will be available soon. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.

• Providing Adequate Student Services as a Necessary Element for China’s Top Universities to Ascend to the World-Class Level of Higher Education

This short report by Tricia Bølle was written in November 2006 as part of a special Stanford University course "Higher Education Reform in China" given by Dr. Min Weifang of Peking University. The paper discusses the importance of improved student services to address the issues of student well-being at China's universities.

• Discovering Rensheng Mubiao: The Importance of Values-Focused Programming at American Universities for Promoting Student Formation and Values in Chinese Higher Education

This presentation was given by Tricia Bølle at the Dalton Institute for College Student Values at Florida State University in February 2010. The conference was well attended by administrators from colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and included such notable figures in higher education as Alexander and Helen Astin, Arthur Levine, George Kuh and Arthur Chickering. (see photo at right)

Abstract: Recognition of the need for formative values education within Mainland China has increased dramatically in the last few years. While previously an issue that hardly garnered much attention, the personal well-being and ethical development of university students in China is now a growing concern among education administrators and society. U.S. universities can play a pivotal role in working together with China to positively influence the development of student services programs that promote student formation and values.

• Resource Development for Issues of Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault

Tricia Bølle was invited to give this presentation at Zhejiang University in September 2009. Although there was initial interest by Zhejiang University in becoming the first Chinese university to offer specialized education and support services for issues of sexual assault and relationship abuse, they decided the issue wasn't a high enough priority to devote current resources.

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